Business Package Insurance

Business Insurance provides cover for SME businesses and is crucial to have in place to mitigate your risk and recover swiftly in the event of a loss.

Our policies can be tailored specifically to your requirements and the risks your business is typically exposed to. A thorough review of your business activities, in combination with industry specific reporting allows us to arrange the most suitable product to ensure you are adequately protected.

Your Business Insurance Package may include:

Fire and Perils

Protection for your building, contents & stock against accidental damage, fire, storm, and flood (where applicable).


Cover for your recovery in the event your goods are damaged or stolen in the event of a break-in or violent assault.

Business Interruption

Financial protection for loss of profits/revenue in the event you are unable to operate from your premises due to an insurable event.


A policy section designed to insure against loss for the unexpected breakdown of your machinery and/or electronic equipment.

General Property

Protection for the portable equipment which you take away from your premises (tools, electronics, surveying equipment etc.)

Public and Products Liability

Cover in the event of third-party property damage or personal injury arising from your business activities or the products you manufacture/sell.

Stand-Alone and “Hard to Place” Liability Insurance

Many of our clients operate within a niche market sector, or conduct “high risk” activities and as such, require more of a specialist liability policy. Think plastic products manufacturing, or metal fabrication at power stations.

The major Australian insurers often do not have the appetite to insure the liability exposures for these types of businesses, which is where our clients benefit from our network of local and international underwriting agencies.

An underwriting agency is a specialist insurance agent or wholesale broker who has been given authority to underwrite risks on behalf of an insurer. They act as an intermediary between retail brokers and an insurer, through a specialized “binder agreement”.

These insurers are part of a larger syndicate, each of which specializes in specific types of insurances and is made up of members who provide the financial capital which allows the syndicate to operate. These syndicates operate within a market, with the oldest and most well-known insurance market being Lloyd’s of London.

Because underwriting agencies are specialists, as opposed to generalists, they possess expertise within their respective market sector. They also have access to whole insurance products in markets which would be difficult to access through typical retail channels.

In addition, underwriting agencies have the capacity to provide additional policy benefits (e.g. Errors & Omissions & Product Recall) which can be tailored specifically to the clients requirements.