Paragon Insurance Broking are experienced within the commercial property insurance space and service investors across Australia. Our network of recognized referral partners is a testament to our ability to effectively negotiate and arrange suitable insurance solutions for all types of commercial assets in a professional and time efficient manner.

With the recent surge in property prices, increased cost of building materials and extended timeframes for trade services, there has never been a more a critical time to review your property coverage.

As a Commercial Property owner, it is in your best interests to adequately insure your asset and without an annual review and adjustment of your sums insured, you can be left with a significant exposure to underinsurance in the event of a loss.

Underinsurance is a clause within the property damage and business interruption policy sections which limits the amounts payable by the insurer in the event of a loss if the sum insured is understated. There is typically a margin allowed by insurers to account for construction costs, building values and time delays which may occur; however this is typically only 10-15% with certain insurers. The higher the underinsurance margin, the more the insured will have to contribute to the loss in the event of a claim. For a further explanation of how underinsurance works, please get in touch.

Insuring Your Assets Appropriately And Accurately

Our commercial building calculators provide accurate insight into the rebuild costs of a property and allow our clients to make informed decisions when insuring their assets.

We are also able to arrange insurance surveys and valuations where required.

Depending on the size, value, and use of your property, we can arrange coverage through:

Business Insurance (property owner) Insurance

Industrial Special Risks (ISR) Policy

A policy for industrial, commercial & warehouse properties with a sum insured up to a $10.0M replacement value to provide cover specifically for;

  • Building, Contents & Stock, Machinery Breakdown, Glass
  • Loss of Rental Income & Claims Preparation Costs
  • Removal of Debris & Expediting Expenses
  • Flood

An insurance policy with an open-ended wording designed specifically for properties with a high sum insured ($5.0M+) or those part of a larger, multi-property portfolio. An ISR policy is only restricted by the exclusions and limits noted on the policy schedule. In addition, coverage is based on a total insured value with myriad additional benefits which can be tailored specifically for the client as required.